Calvin & Hobbes

First page!The result of my first salary. I’ve wanted to buy this book the first time I heard about it, and now it’s mine. I feel truly sorry for anybody who’s been denied the magic that is reading Calvin & Hobbes. I got my first book a long time back, and it certainly came as a shock to me that reading a comic strip could be so moving. The books are beautiful. I’m so worried about damaging them that I’ve already kept them as safely as I could in my cupboard. The 3 volume set weights in at 10Kgs—not something you can carry, even from room to room. The paper’s wonderful, the colour strips look especially great. I’ve heard that the binding’s not too great, but haven’t found it so (so far). Once I got the book, I was practically dancing my way home. Not easy, considering the size. BTW, the pic was taken via my W700i—not great, but workable.