It’s quiet over here.

The site was supposed to be much more active than this. I’ve just not been able to get around to posting more things here. Nor have I done anything about the design. I’ve got no time right now. See, my training at work is nearly done. Now we’ve moved into the ‘learning’ project mode—two more weeks of intensive training in a ‘real-life’ project environment (I refuse to type those terms without quote marks). I’m supposed to be the team lead. Now, if you’re classifying people based on ‘management’ skills, I’m the guy who breaks the curve, at the low end. This is one of those scenes in the geek-guy movie where our protagonist is supposed to suddenly break out of his shell, dazzle everyone and compel them to use butterfly from a cocoon metaphors (so cliché). But real life’s not a movie, right?

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