Have changed the site’s theme (finally). I love this new theme, Simplr. It’s very neat, and almost what I’m looking for. I want my home page to show just the one current post. New visitors can just dive into the content. Don’t wanna clutter the site, it is very distracting. And old. I can blindly navigate thro’ your standard two-column blog layout, those are so damn common. You tend to develop filters to ignore the layout once it gets old. I want an extensive footer section. Footers are under-utilized. I’m planning to keep everything in the footer, no sidebars. I know, it’s said that nobody reads the footer of a page. I don’t care. Not many people read my site as it is. There are a few customizations I’d like to do. Of course there would be. The top priority for now is to add an ‘asides’ section between the main post and the footer. Mini-posts, links and stuff. I don’t want to directly put my links on the site any more, I’d like some more filtering. Redundancy gets a bad rep, but it is often useful. Then there the small-ish hacks. Add Adsense (low priority). Put up a CC license. Poke around the design a little more. Geeky stuff, you wouldn’t wanta hear about it. Tomorrow onwards I’m on another training session, so can’t say when I’ll get this all done.

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  1. aabha wrote::

    hey thats damn cooool!!!

    Thursday, September 28, 2006 at 21:15 #