The Historian

I’ve had my copy of The Historian for a while now, but hadn’t read it. Partly because I’ve got a humongous edition of the book—paperback, but not one of those handy paperbacks you can carry around. And partly because everyone seems to like the books so much. I was afraid of liking the book, which would mean I’ve got no opinion of my own; or of disliking it, which implies I’ve got no taste. The hype seemed larger than the book somehow. Twisted stuff, yeah. Well, the book-size issue was solved by Vivek, who lent me his (mass market) paperback. The guy’s cool, I’m using his collection as a library service recently. The book is really good. Amazing even. It’s one of those books that you really like to read, and can appreciate intellectually. But it isn’t a book that’ll make you a fan. As in one of those books that, on reading, make you wanna read everything else by the author and then re-read. Like Heroes Die for instance. OK, on with writing something about the actual book now. I somehow always end up liking the books that have an un-named first-person POV. Makes them personal, somehow. I didn’t even like that narrator (as a person) in this case, but I loved reading from her POV. The Historian gives you the story in bit and pieces, over multiple timelines. Most of the action happens in the past, which you read seemingly along with the narrator. I love the style. The book is about history as a real entity. Too often I forget about the past, and the wealth of experiences contained there-in. History to me seems colour-less, when compared to fiction. If there’s one thing I got from this book, it’s that it can often be as fun to read about. I’ve just got to find some history books now, written in a style I’d appreciate. A People’s History of the United States is a contender. I’m more inclined towards reading genré fiction these days. I’ve got nothing against contemporary fiction; it’s just that ScfFi/Fantasy stuff has that edge that (for me) is found lacking in most other categories. But maybe I should start reading a little non-fiction too. When I’m not too busy, of course.