Sony Ericsson W700iI’m now officially an annoying person—I’ve just got my first mobile. The Sony Ericsson W700i is a fun phone. Does what a phone is supposed to do, and a whole lot more. Some notable features:
  • The ‘walkman’ functionality, almost as good as an iPod.
  • The default headphones are damn good. Much better than anything I’ve used so far.
  • 2 MegaPixel camera, but no auto-focus. Will need to keep my hands steady.
  • No 3G support, which I don’t need anyways. Bluetooth, Infra-red et cetera supported.
That’s pretty much it I guess. I’m not a feature-fanatic; I don’t remember the specs of my hardware. As a first-time mobile user, I’m not gonna notice any flaws as it is. I bought the phone for three uses: to talk, to listen to music and to take some quick pics. Hey, I’ve even resurrected my long-dead Flickr account in order to upload the first few shots. Not too good, but it’s a phone after all. I wasn’t expecting much.

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