Well, that’s that.

The (training) project’s done. It was actually fun to do, and I didn’t expect that. Being in charge (of a group of peers) goes against my normal behaviour pattern. I hope I wasn’t too bad at that. The technical stuff was not quite simple, but simple to approach. You can figure out what mistakes you are making as you go along. Not so with people. Here’s a list of all the things I used (read delegated) for the technical minded:
  • EJBs for the back-end. Entity beans with Container Managed Persistence for Data Access, Session beans for ‘business’ logic. Oracle as the database, but that’s incidental. Weblogic as the app server.
  • Struts as the front-end controller. Tried to use the validation framework with some success.
  • JSPs as the views (of course). With moderate helpings of JSTL and Expression Language. CSS for the styles of course.
Actually I didn’t pick and choose anything to do here. It was all prescribed, or you can say that we were given strong hints on what to use. ’Coz this’ll be similar the stuff we’ll be doing for the company. J2EE is hard. Enterprise stuff is hard. Or it at least seems really hard to me at present. Which makes it fun right now. … By the way, this post had a lot of buzz-words. Some of ’em old. No worries, I don’t intend to post any technical stuff in detail here. Now that there’s no need of any more self-imposed discipline, I’ll be back to reading books from the ’morrow.

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