Firefox 2 is go.

Firefox 2 is finally out. Check the release notes for more. I’ve backed-up my old profile, and am now running on a clean one. To me, the browser profile is even more important than a Desktop. I’ve customized Firefox to such an extent that using a default setup is jarring. Getting Firefox too ‘feel right’ again is a long process:
  • Restoring my bookmarks, and getting the Bookmarks toolbar to behave again. My toolbar setup is something I’ve perfected over time. Screen real-estate is important, especially when you’re on 1024×768.
  • Installing the extensions I have to use again. I’ve filtered down this list to only Adblock Plus, All-in-One Gestures, Flashgot and Greasemonkey of course. The rest I manage without for now.
  • Loading the various Greasemonkey scripts I’ve accumulated over time. Mainly for using Gmail the ‘right way’.
  • Signing on to the multitude of sites I visit daily.
That’s mostly it. Congrats to the Mozilla team, Firefox 2 does seem to be very nice. And using a new profile means it’s quick.

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