Pearls Before Swine

‘Pearls Before Swine’ is one of my favourite lines. I’ve never actually used it in a conversation, but I can just picture the way I’d nod my head and smirk if I ever did. I’m unapologetically elitist. I try to run as far away from the mainstream as possible. I have a terrible low opinion of other people’s taste, but if it’s any consolation, sometimes an even lower opinion of my own tastes. Of course running away from what everyone else likes makes me even more of an outcast than usual. I read a lot of books, but I’ve only read the one Dan Brown novel, and that too I wasn’t too excited about. Of course any of my friends who wanna kill some time reading ask me to lend them them any Dan Brown book I have. I haven’t bought a single one. Another drawback is that I usually miss out on all that good stuff that actually does deserve to be popular. I hadn’t read any Stephen King since I read Carrie a while back, but I just finished with Insomnia and it is really an excellent book. I regret not reading any of his other books now, an error I plan to rectify soon. I never answer questions about my favourite authors/movies/bands. Mostly because I don’t usually have a clue who my current favourites are; but also do to the fact that almost no one has ever heard of most of the stuff I like. I guess it’s just a personality quirk of mine: if everyone else likes something, I avoid it. I think I get conflicted about stuff I didn’t discover myself—I can’t figure out whether I really like it myself, or whether I’m just following the flock. Call me paranoid on this point. That does not stop me from fixing up others with my particular favourites. If someone likes anything I’ve recommended, I start flooding them with my other favourites, just to have someone to talk with I guess. And yes, I realize that I’m just being hypocritical here, but I can’t really help it.