Source Attachments in Eclipse

This is a screencast. It’s the first time I’ve tried something like this, so bear with me. The screencast is about one of those nifty features Eclipse has that I just can’t live without—Java source attachments. Programming-oriented folks watch the screencast to see what the hell I’m talking about, if you don’t already know what I’m talking about that is.
I didn’t do any storyboarding/planning for this, just felt like making it. Downloaded Camtasia for the first attempt, and it’s a cool software, but if I’m gonna do another screencast, I’ll use vnc2swf the next time. Free software and all. I’ve made quite a few mistakes, of course. My typing speed’s not that good, hence the long video. I’m using Eclipse at my home computer after quite a long while, I’ve just realized how slow my machine is. The video is available for download, of course, and in two favours:
  • As a FLV file, the one that’s streaming above. It’s around 11Mb, and I don’t recommend downloading this. Low quality.
  • Full quality avi file, compressed using the XviD codec. Only 13Mb, go figure.
Oh, and I set up the streaming playback above using the excellent FLV Player written by Jeroen Wijering.

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