On zeal.

The ever trusty Wordnet defines zeal as:
a feeling of strong eagerness (usually in favour of a person or cause); excessive fervour to do something or accomplish some end; prompt willingness.
I’ve always had one problem with zeal—I don’t trust it at all. I can’t shake off the feeling of being scammed when someone is too eager/willing to talk about something. I especially don’t trust it in myself. Every time I begin to feel strongly about something, I begin to doubt my reasons for feeling so. Case in point: I recently read the first two books of The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, the Unbeliever and loved ’em. Then started writing a post about the books, in which I went into great depths to explain just what is so amazing about these books. But I couldn’t post it—the post felt to be too feverish, zealous in the extreme. It’s since been sent to the Graveyard of Lost Writings, where it seems I’ve sent far too many posts recently. It’s probably a phase I’ll grow out of. The worst thing about zeal is that it is so attractive, so enticing. It gives you a certainty that’s lacking elsewhere, and that certainty is something you can get addicted to. And of course there are occasions where some amount of zeal is warranted, there are some causes that are worthy enough. I just never seem to find out where zeal is warranted, and where it is not.

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