Poetry readings

I like poems, but reading them is too exhausting. I’m suited towards reading long stories—reading one thousand page book is easier for me than reading ten short-stories/poems that are ten pages long. It’s difficult to switch from one story to the next, from one poem to another, sequentially. Each poem is unique you see. Whenever I try reading a poetry collection, I end up carrying it around for months at a time and then losing patience when I don’t finish it soon enough. I’ve found another way to enjoy poetry for now, one that I’m sure is a very common approach. I listen to poetry readings, when I can find ’em for free on the ’net. Hell, even the songs I like listening to, when I’m listening to the lyrics, tend to be poetic. Don’t you dare tell me Dylan’s Hey Mr. Tambourine Man is not a poem. What got me started listening to poetry readings was this excellent rendering of Tennyson’s Ulysses, which I came upon via Chaoszone. I can’t begin to explain all the myriad ways in which this poem is wonderful. Read by Sir Lewis Casso, who gives it a perfect voice: old and dry, but somehow still filled with power. I had read Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven before, but I didn’t realize exactly how dark and how frantic the poem can be until I heard this reading. From Salon audio, read by Basil Rathbone. It’s more than enough to give me the creeps. OK, these two should get you started. As for me, I’m gonna browse through Salon’s Poetry index and find some more good stuff. Addendum: I forgot to mention this, but has anyone got suggestions for poems I should read?

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