On Finding New Books

I’m known to have a eclectic taste in books, and people keep asking me where I hear about all these books I keep reading. The answer’s simple really: I work hard at it. I subscribe to some genre specific literature blogs, I lurk around some discussion forums; and keep paying attention. The result: I’ve ended up having so many books in wishlist that I don’t think I’ll get through them all. I don’t consciously go looking for new books; it’s something I do by osmosis instead. Here’s one trick I use: don’t go by any recommendations or reviews. Instead, look for some book you like, and see what other books people mention in an off-hand manner while discussing it. Those are the real gems, have found a lot of great books this way. I got hooked on to George R.R. Martin when someone mentioned ASoIaF while discussing Tolkien, and so on. There are many other such ‘tricks’ I use. Lately I’ve seemed to develop a good enough radar of sorts—many books I pick up on a whim usually turn out to be good. Of course there are disappointments, but then when I consider that there’s bound to be ten times (at least) bad stuff out there as there is good stuff, I am quite pleased to be much ahead of the curve.

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