It’s about time I started using a version control system. After some thought, I’ve decided to use darcs. I’m familiar with cvs and svn in theory, but haven’t really used either of them. I’ve tried to setup svn on my home machine, but lets just say that it didn’t work out. Darcs is different. For one thing, it’s distributed—I don’t need to worry about setting up a server and all that. Every directory is it’s own repository. But most of all, I like the interactive commands… It took about five minutes to understand the basics, and I started actually using it. Another thing that caught my interest is that darcs is written in Haskell, and based on formal math. Now I’m don’t know Haskell, but I’ve heard about it enough times on progamming.reddit.com to think that it’s an interesting language. I have a theory that people who use exotic languges (read non-blub) actually care about their programs. Why else code in a language very few people understand, unless you care about the language you use, and how you structure your programs? That just about sold me on darcs. And I just hope that I stay sold.