Rambling, digressive thoughts.

I’ve not been able to write a lot recently. Time to just blabber away:
  • Advertising just plain sucks. Dear Lazyweb, please make it obsolete.
  • Go visit Ftrain.com is you haven’t done so yet. Great writing.
  • Speaking of writing, or rather, reading, here’s a sparkline that shows my monthly reading activity: Sparkline of my monthly reading activity Notice the recent upwards trend? That’s when I started working. If you’re looking for exact figures, peek thro’ this page’s source code and look at the image URL for the sparkline. The nifty script courtesy BitWorking.
  • As long as we’re talking about reading, let me tell you that A Feast For Crows is much better on the second read. I was somewhat disappointed with Martin when I first read it, which I now attribute to my extremely high hopes after finishing A Storm of Swords. Can’t wait for A Dance With Dragons, hope it’s out soon.
  • I’ve been spending a lot of time in eshell lately. It’s amazingly useful, especially when I have set-language-environment to utf-8, and set DARCS_DONT_ESCAPE_8BIT to 1. I hope someone understands what I just wrote here.
  • One thing I have decided: as soon as I get some new hardware, I’m gonna run my home machine using some nice virtualization product. Will wait till Intel’s Core 2 processors become affordable.
That’s enough for today. Come back for more later.