Global spell-check

There are many things one can piece together with the proper tools. Today I’ll show you how to create a global spell-check system for Windows, but it should be easier to do this for Linux.

So the idea is pretty simple: you type something anywhere, copy it to the clipboard, run spell check on the clipboard contents and paste back.

Tools required:

  • Native W32 ports of some GNU utilities
  • A command-line spell check program (GNU Aspell is recommended)
  • Optional: An application launcher (Launchy for instance)

Here’s a batch file that does the magic:

pclip | cat > c:/temp/aspell.tmp 
aspell check c:/temp/aspell.tmp 
cat c:/temp/aspell.tmp | gclip
rm c:/temp/aspell.tmp*

And this is the file in action:

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