There is so much in life to learn. I’ve decided to go slow, and think of the long term. Ten years or so. Among my varied shortcomings is a lack of patience, and I keep trying to build it up. Often I seem to get better at waiting, those phases never last. I’m sure I’ll learn it soon enough: I’m more stubborn than I’m impatient. In roughly linear order, these are the languages I plan to learn: Ruby, Javascript, Lua, Lisp, Haskell, Lisp. I threw in Lisp twice, there are just too many dialects. I don’t think it’s too much to try for. Seems almost pathetic how low I’m aiming really. Here’s my understanding so far: languages make programming fun (or not), logic makes programs work (or not). I think the best language should be the one that is simple enough to think in, but complex enough to make you think through. I plan to learn lots of languages, if only for variety’s sake. What I plan to do is write a decent-sized app in each language I pick up. One thing I don’t plan on doing is turning into a language zealots, no matter how good the language is. But one can never tell if such things happen.

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