Books this March

For lack of anything better to say, lets talk about some books I’ve read this month. Writing this down lets me pretend that there’s some justification for the colossal amounts of time I keep wasting.

The books, in the order I’ve read them:

  • Crime and Punishment
  • Kafka on the Shore
  • Mad Ship
  • Ship of Destiny
  • Memories of Ice
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Gardens of the Moon (the second re-read)
  • Deadhouse Gates (re-read)
  • Memories of Ice (ongoing re-read)

No links, am feeling more lazy than usual.

I’ve been keeping an eye on the books I read. It turns out to be quite useful in cases when you can’t the name of that great book you read a couple of years back, for instance.

OK, lets talk about these books for a while.

Crime and Punishment is, of course, a great book. A little exhausting while read, but the ending makes up for it—even though you necessarily don’t agree with Dostoevsky seems to be trying to tell you.

I liked Kafka on the Shore nearly as much as I liked Norwegian Wood. Each Murakami I read turns me into that much more of an addict.

The Liveship Traders books were nice, but not as great as I had hoped. I’m gonna re-read the Farseer trilogy next month, just to remember how awesome Robin Hobb can be, when she chooses to.

I didn’t think it was possible, but Memories of Ice has a story that’s bigger than Deadhouse Gates. I can almost peek at the direction the the story’s heading by now, hence the re-reading of these tomes.

Pattern Recognition was a surprise. Upon looking back, I don’t think I like Neuromancer much, so I was a little shy of reading anything by Gibson. The book is a gem. People say that this is his most ‘accessible’ work… Too bad, if he does not usually write like this, then it’s a shame.

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