I’ve never really tried my hand at writing fiction yet. I’ve wanted to, for a long time. But I just can’t get started.

Writing fiction (or trying to) is slightly scary. When not bound by facts, what an artist creates is bound to be more about him than anything else. The fictions we create give away our true selves, not the facts we adhere to.

It’s easy to showcase one’s limitations—you are not giving anything away. It’s slightly harder to be open about your strengths—lest you give too much away. The hardest thing is to display one’s doubts; and one can’t write a good story without some major doubts.

Maybe it’s just me—spending too much time looking at the overall structure of things and barely noticing the details that matter.

[This is a very condensed version of a theme I keep re-visiting. I never get it right, but this version seems almost satisfactory.]

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