Screencast: Emacs Macros

I’ve created another Emacs screencast, on Keyboard Macros this time.

Those of you with Feedreaders probably won’t see it, so here’s a direct link.

I was testing out Wink, and so decided to create an impromptu screencast. There are only a few decent screencasting softwares out there—Wink is good enough but the generated output file is not to my liking. It does not seem to ‘record’ video, instead it keeps taking screenshots several times a second, and when some keyboard/mouse event occurs. When rendering to SWF, the only consideration is the frame rate; which results in a rather weird video where the parts I am typing in go by real fast and when I’m using the mouse everything slows down. Plus, the generated file does not stream. But the fact that it is lossless is good…

Another thing I tried with this screencast is enabling auto-lossage-mode, a cool little Emacs mode that lets onlookers ‘see what keys you press while using Emacs’. Live. I think that it’s really neat for screencasts.

Until the next time then.

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