The Mouse

You know, as much as I love using the keyboard for anything and everything, the mouse can sometimes be useful as well.

Using a keyboard is fast. I don’t exactly ‘touch-type’—I type using my own weird style with predominantly the left hand. Which, incidentally is something I’ve wanted to rectify, and I keep getting tempted to switch to a Dvorak layout just so I can learn typing anew, in the ‘right’ way. Even with my bastard typing-style, I can almost type as fast as I can think, usually.

Key bindings, shortcut keys, et cetera that you use regularly become a part of your muscle memory. You don’t have to think about what you’re doing, you just do it.

But the mouse is an excellent device for slowing yourself down. I am not being tongue-in-cheek here: sometimes you do need to slow down. Take a second or two to consider what the hell you are doing.

The mouse gives you a sense of (almost) doing something physical. That’s invaluable, at times.

All that, and the scroll-wheel. Can’t work without the scroll-wheel.