Book Prices

OK, I’ve been working on a small project for the last week. It’s not complete, but for once one of my projects has gone beyond the I’ll-do-it-someday stage and reached the it-almost-could-work stage, so I’m putting it out in the open.

Book Prices is a screen scraper I wrote to compare prices of, well, books across various1 Indian shopping sites. Search by entering an ISBN, and it will optionally get a list of all related ISBNs via LibraryThing’s excelled thingISBN service. And you can then compare the prices of each book at the various sites. Only book-geeks like me would write such a thing.

Limitations: the GUI is at the pre-beta stage, which is to say there is barely any GUI. No help. And it’s slow, but for only the first time you search for something: like any decent programmer, I cheated and cached the results.

On the plus side: it feels like those shiny Web2.0 things you have been hearing about (Profit!). And it’s more complete than you’d think: click on the result headers to sort, et cetera.

Go on, play with it. I’ll write something about the technical details later on, when it’s a little more ‘complete’. And please, let me know if there are any bugs—I love fixing those.

1. ‘Various’ means sites I use. More will be included if someone wants them.