Google Labs India

Google mentioned that they’re going to unveil a ‘gift’ for it’s Indian users—I was hoping it would turn out to be an Indian version of Google Finance but it seems to be Google Labs India, which is an India-centric version of Google Labs.

They have released an Indic (Hindi) Transliteration tool, which is the same as the one Blogger uses, but this is a ‘pure’ version; no sign-in required, anyone? can use it. There’s even a Transliteration Gadget you can add to your Google Homepage, and it works nicely.

I’d love it if they provide embeddable widgets, so that this can be added to any webpage.

Google has also released On-Screen keyboards for fourteen Indian languages. These are available as Homepage Gadgets, and they’re quite useful—but using a mouse and selecting out words is not as fast as just typing ’em. I hope they add transliteration for other languages soon—there seems enough space on the editor for more language ‘buttons’!

I think this is the start of something cool—I can barely read Hindi/Marathi/Gujarati compared to English; but I’m in the minority. Popular as English is in India, many people only know their native languages. Something like this, if it becomes ubiquitous, should surely help.

Note: Anyone that uses Firefox or IE… Other browsers are not yet supported.