I’m sick and tired of Indian shopping sites ‘re-designing’ and turning into Amazon clones. A while back, Amazon did something new. Instead of cluttering the page with lots of navigational tabs, they just added a tab for all product categories—which showed the details when you hover over it.

Amazon’s header navigation

(Please note: I couldn’t get the mouse cursor to show on the screenshot, so it’s a bit confusing.) It’s too many options, but at least they stay hidden unless you need them. A pretty decent interface, all things considered.

Indiaplaza re-designed some time back—and guess how it looks like?

Indiaplaza’s header navigation

Here’s Sify:

Sify’s header navigation

And Rediff:

Rediff’s header navigation

It’s not just that I dislike this interface style, what really gets to me is no Indian site seems to be trying too hard at having an original UI—and they’re all ugly.

I’d love to see a simple, functional Indian shopping site that still looks good and is actually reliable. I can always keep hoping for Amazon to open an Indian site in the meanwhile…