First impressions

This is just a quick jot-down of what I think about my new job/city. Haven’t quite processed everything yet, so it’s bound to be incoherent.

  • My flight to Noida was fun and I reached here on time. The city seems nice.

  • I’m staying with four other people in a 3-bedroom place. Space is not much of an issue, but I haven’t ever stayed away from home for long. So it’s taking some getting used to.

  • The company seems very nice—I started working right away on the first day.

  • I’m using C# for my first project here—it’s fun to program in a new language, but I can’t help but cringe at the code I’m producing right now.

  • Using two computers is fun—I’ve setup Synergy with the desktop on the left, and fiddler on the right.

  • I had to buy pillows!

  • Getting nice coffee is a problem here.

  • Haven’t had time to start reading yet—am still in the process of setting up my belongings. Should be done by next week or so, and then it’ll be back to business as usual.

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