Fuzzy knowledge

I know a lot of things, but ask me what I know and I’m at a loss at what to say.

We’re the Google generation—all the information in the world is just a search away. I think we can’t help being affected by that.

I know a lot of things, but don’t have a lot of exact knowledge. Folks a lot older than me do. When they say they know something, they really know it. When I say I know something, I may mean anything from ‘Yes, I know it’ to ‘Well, I have heard of it, and I do have a slight idea about it, and if you want to know more I can probably look it up’.

My brain is sort of filled with fuzzy bits and pieces of information—just enough knowledge to let me know where to start looking for answers. I don’t think that the exact solution is important at all, the fact that I can find it is.

It’s weird. I can’t really decide whether having all this information so easily is a really good thing. At times I think it leads to a sort of mental ADD, prevents people from being disciplined; and at other times I think it’ll change the world (for the better). Time will tell, I guess.

I’m an edge case—I can remember what things were like before computers were used to run everything, and so I can feel both wonder and disgust about the way things are. That probably makes a difference… just what, I have no idea.