Distracted, much.

Lately I’ve been distracted a lot.

I use a couple of computers simultaneously at work—my laptop and the office desktop. It’s wonderful, and it’s distracting. The mail client runs on one machine, the browser on another. I lose track of what’s happening where.

Synergy is wonderful, but I now that I’ve got a taste for it, I want more. I want cross-screen drag-n-drop file sharing, for instance. Something that just works without my having to think about it. Using Samba sucks.

I’ve setup CompizFusion on the laptop, and have four desktops with the famous cube. A lot of fun, especially for impressing all the Windows users out there—but again it’s too distracting. The Scale plugin is neat, but not enough of a livesaver.

I’m thinking of removing all the desktop eye-candy and install something like Ion or Ratpoison. If I get the time to.