Instant Custard

We made some custard yesterday, of instant variety. It wasn’t too good, and we ate it hot. But nonetheless it gave me a nice feeling of satisfaction to eat something that I made.

Cooking seems like some sort of alchemy to me. I can only cook a very few things, and almost all of them come in nicely packaged boxes and all I have to do is just add water. I’m weirdly proud of my tea-making skills, even though I don’t really like tea. I love coffee, and I know just how terrible coffee I make is. Much better than most others’, but terrible.

I admire people who can cook. It seems to me that life would be much simpler if I didn’t ‘have’ to go out to eat any time I wanted something good. Not to mention the health benefits…

Alas, I’m too lazy to cook real food. For the time being, I’m limiting myself instant foods.