Random Ubuntu Tip of the Day—Multisync

Multisync is a nifty little tool that lets me synchronize my Sony Ericsson phone with Evolution on my laptop. Every time my laptop starts up, my contacts and calendar items get automatically backed-up to it. My phone’s calendar is my primary reminder system—I have a terrible memory, so I just put anything I have to remember there and forget about. Especially birthdays.

Multisync is not just for backups—it does two-way synchronization. So any contacts I edit on my laptop are sent back to the mobile with their updated information. A while back, I spent an hour just putting in as much info as I could remember into Evolution, and now my phone’s pretty much up-to-date.

It all happens via Bluetooth, which is good as I hate wires.

There’s just one problem—it doesn’t synchronize with Gmail, Google Calendar et al yet—it’s successor, OpenSync, will. But it’s still in development, so we’ll have to wait a while for it to become stable.

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