1. Updated simulacra to WordPress 2.3.1. I hadn’t upgraded to 2.3 when it came out, I wanted time to do it right. Haven’t really tested whether all my installed plugins still work, so if anyone notices anything weird, please do tell.

  2. Downloaded Simplr 4.0, and then customized it so that it works just like I want it to work.

  3. Migrated from WordPress categories to tags. Check out the tag cloud at the archive page. ToDo: Go through all the old posts, and re-tag them as necessary.

  4. Upgraded to laptop to Ubuntu Gusty Gibbon. Not as easy as I hoped.

    • Third party packages break your upgrade. I should’ve cleaned-up the system a bit before trying.
    • Compiz doesn’t work right now, and am not too sure whether I want to enable it.
    • Hibernate seems to work!

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