Dell service

(I’m a bit rusty right now, haven’t been very active on this blog-front. What follows will probably be sub-par quality…)

OK, so my laptop (a Dell Vostro 1400, running Ubuntu 7.10 right now) started mis-behaving on Tuesday (25th March), and was unusable on Wednesday. I called Dell support on Thursday, and their phone-service was all-right I guess. I was put on hold for some time, then talked with a few helpful people and managed to get it started again after doing a ‘diagnostic’ boot.

Still, after starting up it kept freezing up every few hours. I called Dell again a few times and they said they’ll send someone over to look at it the next day (Friday, the 28th).

I was shocked on Friday morning when I received a courier from Dell, with a brand new motherboard and LCD screen. They figured it’s probably an issue with one of them, and these were replacement parts sent preemptively. The service technician showed up that evening, and we figured out that it was a problem with my motherboard—the on-board nVidia 3D card (GeForce 8400, 128Mb) being fried, to be exact. He replaced the motherboard, and everything started working fine.

A laptop is incredibly well designed—the motherboard fits exactly within the case, all the connections are perfectly thought out. I was really impressed by the amount of design that goes into making it work properly.

We did a diagnostics boot just to make sure that everything’s fine, and strangely, the system started shutting down in the middle of Dell’s memory tests. Very strange…

My call has been put on hold for now (it was getting late on Friday), and while the laptop seems to work fine most of the time, it does sometimes automatically shut-down itself when booting up. Very strange.

I think it’s probably overheating, or there was probably some loose connection left while putting in the new motherboard.

I’m very pleased with the service I’ve got so far from Dell, and am confident that this last issue will be solved.