Just bought: a 500Gb Seagate FreeAgent external drive.


Bought it quite cheaply from Nehru Place. I’ve reached that stage where all I do is sit and wonder over how cheap computer hardware keeps getting. I’ll just end up buying more stuff the cheaper it gets, probably.

Seagate has some proprietary backup software, but I’m never gonna use that; and it doesn’t even run on Linux. So I deleted the existing partition, created a 80Gb ext3 partition, and formatted the rest using NTFS. The ext3 partition will be used to backup my laptop, the rest will be used for media (probably). I need NTFS as my friends don’t use Linux. This post was a lot of help.

Right now, I’m using flyback for taking incremental snapshots of my home directory… I thought about using TimeVault, but I don’t think it supports external drives that well. I could hack around with rsync and do all this by hand, but this is just so much easier.

Oh, and I’ve decided to call it nibbler. An apt title, I think.

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