The Name of the Wind

Usually, books dont’t live up to their hype; The Name of the Wind1 is a nice exception. It really is as good as people say it is.

I really got into reading around 2003-2004… College was really boring, and there were still a couple of years left. Once I started reading, I couldn’t stop. I didn’t have a lot of money to buy new books, so I mostly made do with secondhand and borrowed books. Then I found myself gravitating towards genré books; I usually saved up some cash and bought some whenever I could. Nobody I knew read what I liked, but buying new books was a comparatively rare occurrence. I actually had to ‘plan’ what books I was gonna buy…

So of course I had a very few decent books to read, and a lot of time. I did what any bibliophile in my position would do: re-read whatever books I had. When I finished a book, and liked it, I immediately used to go back to the first page and start reading it again, just to make it last longer. That’s an habit I continued for a long time—I remember spending a fortnight (June 2006 if I recall correctly) just reading the first three A Song of Ice and Fire books twice. I’ve probably read the Lord of the Rings around six or seven times, and Matt Stover’s Caine books four times.

I’ve since gotten too busy to read books again and again, barring a few exceptions. I buy so many books lately that I can’t even keep up with reading them once, and my ‘to read’ list keeps getting longer and longer2.

Well, the best praise I can give The Name of the Wind is the fact that I started reading it on my flight to Mumbai last week, and continued reading it at home. I couldn’t stop reading it, even though I was in Mumbai only for three days. And I started reading it again on the flight back as well, and again couldn’t put it down.

Books like this are the reason I read.

PS: Patrick Rothfuss’ blog is very nice as well, you may wanna consider adding it to your newsreaders. Or just read this interview if you wanna get a feel for his writing…

  1. To those that actually want to find out what the book is about, I suggest Google. ↩

  2. I had to borrow my friend’s bag for my Mumbai trip instead of using my own, was bringing home some of the books that had accumulated at Noida, and my bag was too small. ↩

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