I’ve been living at Noida for almost eight months, and I now speak a much ‘purer’ dialect of Hindi. Mumbai’s Hindi is different from the language they use in North India. Hindi over here is more fluent, more musical than what we use back home. Mumbai’s version is much more base, more common. (And it’s more fun to use, of course.)

I feel dislocated (and vaguely sad) whenever I’m back in Mumbai and unintentionally speak Delhi’s Hindi. I don’t like it much, but then change does have a way of sneaking up on you.

I’ve been at Mysore for a couple of weeks now—working—and I have noticed myself starting to speak English with a slight South-Indian accent. It just happens: you end up speaking how everyone around you does. You pick up new figures of speech, new idioms, and pretty soon you’ll be speaking a slightly different language.

I understand now how my friends who’ve been living in the States get an American accent. I used to get annoyed when someone I know suddenly started speaking in a different manner; now I know why that happens.

A friend of mine speaks Gujarati with an American accent—it’s one of the funniest things in the world.

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