Jellyfish, and some Cinefan notes

Jellyfish posterJellyfish was my favourite movie from Cinefan, and it’s given me reason to believe in serendipity. You see, I had gone there without any expectations last Sunday (July 13th), and picked four movies at random to watch. The first was The Rebirth, and it was being screened in Auditorium II. I went into Auditorium III by mistake though, and the guard didn’t try to stop me even though he knew my ticket wasn’t for the film being screened. I didn’t realize I had made a mistake until it started, and then I was too engrossed to even think about leaving.

Hence me finding faith in serendipity. It’s rather apt, as the movie itself is rather serendipitous.

There’s no plot-line to speak of. We follow the story of a few characters that seem to sometimes meet each other randomly, but their stories are separate for the most part. The film is funny. It is not obnoxious, nor will it leave you rolling in laughter; rather it provides you with a few moments where you can’t but help chuckle. It shows you how to find lightness even in the most depressing of life’s moments, but it is not too brash about it.

Read the New York Times review of Jellyfish

I would love to see it again… There aren’t a lot of movies I can say that about.

Other than Jellyfish, I watched five other movies at Cinefan—four on July 13th, and two yesterday. All the four movies I saw last week were good, both of yesterday’s weren’t. I wish I could forget seeing the yesterday’s last movie as soon as possible: the only reason I stayed till the end was a morbid curiosity to see exactly how bad it could turn out to be.

After Jellyfish, I’d say The Island was the one I liked best. It’s a ‘popular’ Egyptian film, that reminded me of Hindi movies like Sarfarosh or Sarkar. Plus, it had lines like:

When the children here play cops and robbers, it’s the cops who hide.

Pure gold.