My net returns on mutual fund investments: -25.81%. On stocks, it’s -64.49%. With times being as they are, it’s better to keep my money in a savings account rather than moving it into investments as everyone keeps recommending.

Strangely, I’m not feeling a bit bitter. I’ve put up most of my savings (yes, Indians my age actually have savings) into stocks and mutual funds, but I did put some bits into PPF and LIC as well; so it’s not a total loss.

I still remember getting my first paycheck, which wasn’t that long ago. I haven’t yet learned to value money just for money’s sake—I have more than I can easily spend, but much less than what I want (can’t buy anything major like a car or a new house). Right now, I feel a bit ambivalent about money: more would always be good, but I’m not very attached to what I do have.

I just hope I can retain this attitude as long as I can—life’s too short and there are already too many things to worry about.

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