Going back

I moved to Noida last September, and tomorrow I’ll go back to Mumbai. I’m still working for Imfinity, but from Mumbai. I’m going to be working from home—ideally, geographic location shouldn’t make a difference in the IT world, and I guess I’ll find out whether that’s true in the coming months.

This was the first time I had stayed away from home. The experience has been amazing: I’ve met a lot of great guys, made more friends than I could have imagined. Living with roommates has been a fun.

I’m going back because I love Mumbai. Delhi is a good city to live in, but nothing can beat Mumbai IMO. Plus, we have a marriage coming up in the family this November; one that I’m highly anticipating. I wouldn’t even miss the preparations. And, of course, I miss my family.

There were a lot of factors which indicated that now is the perfect time for me to move back. Exciting times are up ahead—can’t wait.

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