Amazon rocks

I placed an order for two books (Caine Black Knife and Toll of Hounds) from way back in July. The estimated delivery date was November 20 (these were pre-order items). The first surprise was that I got a discount of $2.80 after my order was placed: Amazon guarantees the lowest price on pre-ordered books, and refunds the difference if the price for a book falls after you order it.

After that, it was a long wait for the books. The books were shipped on October 12, and as I had selected the cheapest shipping method, via USPS, and there wasn’t any way to track them. November 20 came and went, and now it’s December 10 and I still had not got my books. My guess is that the shipment was probably lost, or it’s stuck in customs. So I wrote to their customer service, expecting them to say that they cannot guarantee delivery of books via USPS or some other corporate speak.

Imagine my surprise when they offered me a full refund, or offered to create another order and re-ship the books to me free-of-cost. They also upgraded the shipping to expedited international shipping at no extra cost, which I love them for, as I most probably will get get to read Caine Black Knife by the end of this year.

They responded very quickly to my emails—faster than any store I’ve dealt with so far; and the responses were polite, simple and to-the-point. They’ve also provided helpful pointers regarding what to do if I get both the shipments, et cetera.

This is what customer service should be like. The difference between Amazon’s and the site’s I’m used to dealing with is mind-boggling.

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