Social Networks

(A rambling, non-linear post.)

As I keep mentioning, I have a hate-hate relationship with social networks. Twitter seems to be the only exception till-date; every other site has me running for the hills.

That said, I have accounts in LinkedIn, Orkut and Facebook. I got suckered into creating an Orkut account, as all my friends were on it and it was just easier to create an account instead of explaining to all of ’em why I don’t have one. The Facebook account was created courtesy work: we were working on a small proof-of-concept Facebook app, and that mandated registering first. I registered for LinkedIn because I kept hearing that it’s good for my career—something that I haven’t seen the proof of yet.

Looking at Orkut makes me shudder. The site’s not that bad, but I just can’t bear the way people write there: a bastard child of IM-speak and SMS-speak. Plus everything’s public by default; a fact I noticed and changed on the first day I logged-in there.

Facebook feels much more ‘mature’ on first glance; but it isn’t. Again, people are the worst offenders, filling-up their profile pages with all sorts of junk that is frankly, at times, embarrassing.

LinkedIn is actually quite neat; I may even see the benefits of using it a few years down the line. But right now, I don’t think my profile there is much use to me or anyone; I’m just keeping it up as a hedge-bet (isn’t that the right financial term?). I sometimes worry about LinkedIn though: it has a lot of pure data about me available, and I don’t know how they’ll end up using it.

My only hope is that a decade or so down the line, some sort of distributed social network platforms emerge. Real world ‘social networks’ are always distributed; they just don’t fit-in with a centralized model.