After painful deliberation, I’ve finally ordered my own digital camera. I’ve ordered it via Amazon, because I love their customer service; and they’re cheap. Amit’s going to receive it in the ’States and carry it to India for me.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ4S

I decided to get a Panasonic DMC-TZ4. It has an amazing Leica lens that provides 10x optical zoom in a tiny point-and-shoot. I was going to get a DMC-TZ5, but got a TZ4 instead. Both these cameras are nearly equivalent—TZ4 has 8.1 megapixels compared to TZ5’s 9.1 megapixels, and has a slightly smaller screen. I’m not too crazy about pixel-size, and a smaller screen will translate to better battery life (hopefully). The TZ5 also has HDTV video recording, but I don’t care for it.

There’s a 60$ price difference between the two, which more than compensates for the features.

It’ll be at least a month before I even get my hands on it, but I’m excited anyway. I mainly wanted something that I can always carry around, and this weights only 234 grams!

Of course, a camera can’t be used without a memory card. I got a 8Gb Transcend SDHC card.

And finally, I got a Gorillapod, which is a sort-of flexible tripod that apparently can be used just about anywhere.

I don’t remember when exactly I had seen it first on the excellent CoolTools blog. It’s gotten rave reviews, can be used in any outdoor conditions, and weights in at an astonishing 22 grams. Unbelievable; I’ll write a review as soon as I get my hands on it, as I’m still not sure it’ll work.

Hopefully, the camera + tripod combination will work perfectly while hiking.

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