CV gaffes

I’ve been scanning through a few résumés lately for work, and as always, am astounded by the level of unprofessionalism most people’s résumés show. The funniest bits are usually present in the introduction (or career objective section); take this one for example:

To contribute my best to the organization, which explores my knowledge in the field of IT where I peel off my skills for outshine performance with the great zeal to achieve my goal i.e. every time proving my utmost utility to the esteemed organization.

Seriously, ‘peel off my skills’? ‘For outshine performance’! This is just a comedy of errors.

Spelling errors annoy me. 99.9% of the résumés I see are written in MS-Word, which helpfully underlines all the errors for you. How hard is it to do a spell-check before sending out the damn document?

Some people try to write stories, or incorporate ‘inspirational quotes’:

As a matter of fact, man can get anything by dint of hard work. Without fail, everyone knows that time is money so man shouldn’t sit idle.

I can’t stand such cliché stuff during the best of times; but coming across such words while reading my 20th résumé of the day just makes my day.

Someone listed down blood donation as an extra-curricular activity, and even specified the exact date when he last donated blood. This just boggles my mind.

This last example is the best though:

Martial status: Double

Get that? He’s double, not single. Hah!

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