Post-modern spam

Gmail’s spam filters are excellent, so on the rare occasions that they do fail, I like to see what sort of message defeated them. Today, I received a most surreal spam message, that reads like a post-modern novel:

i am craving some sunshine.
this image of silke stoddard's knitting is burned into my mind and tatooed on my heart.
i mean, look at her hair.
in the craft room i throw everything on the homework table. that clears up the floor for more mess craft making.
my happy little life


we are happily enjoying being able to play outside again.
i told cate about st. patrick's day and ireland- she has a lot of irish ancestors through me.
i made this one for a gift, but i've already cast on another for moi.
she wears birkenstocks to fashion shows.

I am tempted to save the message just for its entertainment value.