I’m still here

Yes, I’m still here. Just thought I’d drop by and let you know what I’ve been up to recently. Or more precisely, what I’ve been reading lately. Work has been hectic, but I’m nowhere near busy enough to stop reading.

The Ghost Brigades cover The Last Colony cover

I’ve read quite a few great books recently. John Scalzi’s The Ghost Brigades and The Last Colony are excellent. In fact, the whole Old Man’s War series is great; I’m going to grab a copy of Zoe’s Tale next. By the way, you should check out Scalzi’s blog: it’s good stuff.

I am a SciFi/Fantasy nerd. I seem to end up reading more of Fantasy than SciFI, and lately I’ve thought of picking up some hard SciFi books for a change. Although, in the end it doesn’t make much of a difference (to me) whether what I’m reading about has a scientific basis or not—as I mainly read for the narrative, and for getting close to great characters.

The Long Goodbye cover

I read Chandler’s The Long Goodbye last month; and now I know I have to read some of his other books. Philip Marlowe is a great character; reading about him is effortless. It helps that I love the Dresden Files books; Harry Dresden is similar enough to Marlowe that I felt like I knew him from page one.

Breakfast of Champions cover

I love all the Kurt Vonnegut books I’ve read so far, but the last one I read—Breakfast of Champions—exhausted me. There’s only so much of pessimism one can take; I don’t think I can stomach reading more than a couple of his books each year. They all have been excellent, and I can’t put one down once I start reading it, but they take too much out of me. I’m a pessimist myself, and reading Vonnegut leads me to the lowest of my lows.

A Cavern of Black Ice cover

And, finally, I just finished reading J.V. Jones’ A Cavern of Black Ice today morning. Now this is great storytelling—a book that keeps me awake till two in the morning, trying to finish it before I fall asleep as I know I won’t be able to do anything else until I do. A story that if you can’t finish that night, you know you’ll dream about and won’t let go of; until you get up the next morning and immedietly continue from where you left-off.

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