I love this game. It’s got it all: quick & fun gameplay mechanics, gorgeously illustrated artwork and a killer soundtrack.

Bastion uses an interesting storytelling mechanic of having a narrator follow you through the game’s journey and give a voice-over of what you’re doing: it’s the same voice that’s playing in the trailer above. It’s brilliantly done; makes you want to keep going just to hear more of the story.

As I said, the Bastion soundtrack is brilliant. I bought the game via Humble Bundle, so I received the soundtrack for free too, hurray! For me, the best moment in the game was when this song started playing in the background; it’s when I knew that there was something special going on with this game:

Bastion is one of the few games I have managed to complete in recent times. It’s good enough that I’m seriously tempted to replay it. If you’re a casual gamer, someone who likes whimsical stories or old-school action RPGs, you owe it to yourself to grab a copy! It’s available for PC, Mac, most consoles, and even for Chrome & the iPad.