Coding is fun. Most of my public projects can be found on my own GitHub page, or nth loop’s Github page.

Newer stuff

  • Indite is nth loop’s first web application. The current version is a bit out of date, but we’re working on new releases! It’s also available on the Chrome Web Store.

  • Bowerbird is a Chrome extension for designers. It allows you to tweak webpage colours easily. Also can be used to increase/decrease contrast on sites that aren’t readable.

  • Backbone.statefulEvents is a very simple extension to Backbone Views that makes DOM event callbacks dependent on application state.

Old stuff

  • copy-editor is a tiny little Django application on the App Engine, built for writing draft blog posts and asking trusted ‘editors’ to review them. It’s live, and should work without problems, but a bit old.

  • amfiquery is a small web service that makes it easier to query the current NAV of Indian Mutual Funds. Built mainly so I could put in latest values in a Google Spreadsheet, I never got around to updating it much.

  • Also built on the App Engine, it’s live at

  • Some Greasemonkey userscripts I’ve written.

  • A Random Quote ‘web service’, written in Python — back when I was a just graduating from college, and such things were fascinating! I’ve kept it up mainly for nostalgia.

  • Some GNOME Do plugins (source (I have no idea if they work anymore, have been using Kupfer for a while now).