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VirtualBox tip

If you running *nix in a VM inside *nix, pressing Ctrl-Alt-F1/F2/etc will take you to the host's console instead of the guest's consoles. Press Host-F1/F2 to go to the guest's console instead.

Mieville on Tolkien

Do read China Meiville’s Five Reasons Tolkien Rocks—very interesting.


Along with my monthly stock of new books, I ordered two copies of Heroes Die today. I already have a copy, but I figure I’ll keep one as a spare, and one to maybe gift to some nascent bibliophile. Blade of Tyshalle is already sold out (and secondhand copies are selling for upwards of 40US$), […]

Sennheiser 202

My Sennheiser 201 ’phones broke within a year of buying them—I was too rough on the poor things. I got myself a Sennheiser HD 202 instead yesterday—it seems to sound even better and looks a lot more durable.


I recently started using an incandescent light bulb in my room instead of our normal fluorescent lights—it’s much better on the eyes, especially when I’m reading. I feel guilty about wasting power though; I think newer CFLs provide warm light, will have to get one.

Scar Night

I really enjoyed reading Alan Campbell’s Scar Night. Reading about a 3000 year-old crazy, vampiric angel/demi-god that also happens to have amnesia is always fun.

Python gems

Python gems: Eric Florenzano and Eric Holscher.


Every time I re-read Matt Stover’s Caine books, I like them even more.

Knuth cheques

Awesome comment on this reddit story: “Times are tight. I spend my days and nights combing over Knuth's collected works to try and make ends meet. Why, just last month I found enough errors to buy myself enough cabbage for 7 meals.”

New do.

The latest version of Gnome Do rocks! A big thanks to all involved in development.