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I bought a 500Gb external hard drive recently—and for some time had been using flyback to backup my home folder there. I used to take a weekly backup, but after time, I stopped being so regular. It has been months now since I last took a backup, so I decided to start afresh. This time, […]


Just bought: a 500Gb Seagate FreeAgent external drive. Bought it quite cheaply from Nehru Place. I’ve reached that stage where all I do is sit and wonder over how cheap computer hardware keeps getting. I’ll just end up buying more stuff the cheaper it gets, probably. Seagate has some proprietary backup software, but I’m never […]

Random Ubuntu Tip of the Day—Multisync

Multisync is a nifty little tool that lets me synchronize my Sony Ericsson phone with Evolution on my laptop. Every time my laptop starts up, my contacts and calendar items get automatically backed-up to it. My phone’s calendar is my primary reminder system—I have a terrible memory, so I just put anything I have to […]