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Under-appreciated command line tools: comm

The comm command is surely one of the most under-appreciated commands in the GNU coreutils. Its man page is barely a page long, and here's the most interesting part: NAME comm — select or reject lines common to two files SYNOPSIS comm [-123i] file1 file2 DESCRIPTION The following options are available: -1 Suppress printing of […]

Backbone.statefulEvents, Part 1 — how we built our first Backbone plugin

This is an essay describing how (and why) I build my first Backbone.js plugin. It’s mainly written for readers who want to write extensions themselves, but can’t figure out how to get started—this post mainly describes the design process of the plugin. My next post will be about the implementation. Quick note: you need to […]


I bought a 500Gb external hard drive recently—and for some time had been using flyback to backup my home folder there. I used to take a weekly backup, but after time, I stopped being so regular. It has been months now since I last took a backup, so I decided to start afresh. This time, […]

SVN one liner

Useful one-liner that removes all Thumbs.db files from your SVN: svn rm `find . -name Thumbs.db | xargs`