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Dell parts

I was going through some of my old cameraphone pics, and came across a really neat picture I had taken that shows all replacement parts sent over by Dell to fix my laptop. It’s worth taking a look at, so I posted it on Flickr.

Dell laptop warranty

I just renewed my Dell laptop’s warranty for a year… It cost me Rs. 7.5k, which is too much; but I couldn’t risk leaving it unsupported considering the hardware problems I’ve faced so far…

The continuing laptop saga

After my last post, there were a few more complications. Unfortunately, no one seems to have an idea about what to do regarding them. The problem I face is very weird—when starting up the machine, it will always automatically power down within a couple of minutes. This happens even on the BIOS screens, but if […]

Dell service

(I’m a bit rusty right now, haven’t been very active on this blog-front. What follows will probably be sub-par quality…) OK, so my laptop (a Dell Vostro 1400, running Ubuntu 7.10 right now) started mis-behaving on Tuesday (25th March), and was unusable on Wednesday. I called Dell support on Thursday, and their phone-service was all-right […]