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Random Linux tip: fullscreen any application

If you’re using any flavour of Gnome (default for Ubuntu et al), go to System → Preferences → Keyboard Shortcuts and find the Toggle fullscreen mode action. This is disabled by default, add any decent shortcut you want for it (I use Alt-F11). And voilà, any application will now go fullscreen for you. I love […]


My ‘joke’ made it to Planet Emacs! No wonder it got so many views; must have puzzled a lot of people.


Sometimes, I want to force everyone to use Emacs, and put this bit of magic into their default site-start.el: (defun yank () (interactive) (insert "Copy/Paste isn't allowed!")) Life could so much simpler…

Prevent Emacs from touching your whitespace

I’m modifying some existing code (PHP, uggh) that is not that well laid out. There is judicious use of both tabs and spaces. Indentation is a mess. Emacs helpfully corrects all that automatically; which would be cool 99% of the time. In this case, all this automatic cleanup screws up the diffs for my version […]


There was an update for Alexandre Vassalotti’s Pretty Emacs package a couple of days back. We now have MultiTTY support! This rocks.

Screencast: Emacs Macros

I’ve created another Emacs screencast, on Keyboard Macros this time. Those of you with Feedreaders probably won’t see it, so here’s a direct link. I was testing out Wink, and so decided to create an impromptu screencast. There are only a few decent screencasting softwares out there—Wink is good enough but the generated output file […]

Wordnet and Emacs

Something else I did to pass the time. This is going into my posts.el file, with the keybinding C-c w. (defun get-current-word () "Returns the current, or the last entered word." (save-excursion (backward-word) (setq start (point)) (forward-word) (setq end (point)) (buffer-substring-no-properties start end))) (defvar wordnet-bin-path "C:/Progra~1/WordNet/2.1/bin/wn.exe" "This should point to the full path of the […]