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Command line statistics

Well, I’m planning to write here more frequently. For now, I’ll be concentrating on sharing small-ish nuggets of information, instead of trying to write an essay-style post. This post is about fun little statistics I have gleaned by by zsh history file. Note: my history file contains the last 3000 or so commands I had […]

Post-modern spam

Gmail’s spam filters are excellent, so on the rare occasions that they do fail, I like to see what sort of message defeated them. Today, I received a most surreal spam message, that reads like a post-modern novel: i am craving some sunshine. this image of silke stoddard's knitting is burned into my mind and […]


My xkcd t-shirt is here :)


More than half of my shared items are xkcd strips… I just can’t resist.

Obligatory year-end post

OK, it’s been quiet over here for some time. I went to Mysore on the 20th, and spent around eight hectic days working there. It was a lot of fun, and very tiring. This was the first time I’d been to the south, so I was really excited. I had written a very long-ish post […]

Book Prices

OK, I’ve been working on a small project for the last week. It’s not complete, but for once one of my projects has gone beyond the I’ll-do-it-someday stage and reached the it-almost-could-work stage, so I’m putting it out in the open. Book Prices is a screen scraper I wrote to compare prices of, well, books […]

Wallpaper (for now)

My desktop wallpaper for now: I had stopped using desktop wallpapers for the longest time—just a blank, black screen would suffice. I got tired of that recently, and have started looking for good images like this ever since.

The elephant 'outside' the room.

All sorts of creatures roam the streets of Mumbai…

Rambling, digressive thoughts.

I’ve not been able to write a lot recently. Time to just blabber away: Advertising just plain sucks. Dear Lazyweb, please make it obsolete. Go visit Ftrain.com is you haven’t done so yet. Great writing. Speaking of writing, or rather, reading, here’s a sparkline that shows my monthly reading activity: Notice the recent upwards trend? […]

Line Rider

Line Rider is one of those games that you look at once, just because everyone on the net’s talking about it. I sure didn’t get what all the fuzz was about. And the I saw this YouTube video: Man, people can create amazing stuff out of the simplest of things.